iSHOOT – Φωτογραφήσεις Γάμων – Βιντεοσκοπήσεις Γάμων

This spring canceled plans for a trip to the sea – it is still unknown whether it will be possible to at least once swim in salty waves to those who live far from the coast. But this is not a reason to refuse the benefits that such bathing gives. We tell you how to arrange a sea in your bath.

On the benefits of procedures using sea water, salt and algae, mankind has been guessed for a long time-thalassotherapy, this is the name of this type of healing and preventive medicine, and Europeans were displayed in

ancient times.

Since then, cosmetology and biochemistry have significantly advanced, and with them an understanding of what benefit the sea is for health and beauty. Sea water contains a huge number of trace elements that are necessary for our health. It is often compared with human blood plasma, and this comparison is quite justified – indeed, they are close in composition.

The main thing that distinguishes fresh water from sea is a high salt content, which, when it is drained, retains almost all the beneficial properties of the oceans, and in a concentrated form. Many people notice that after a beach vacation, the skin, hair and nails become much better, the body seems to be slimming and becoming more elastic, and it becomes calmer in the soul. And the cause of the changes is the effect of sea water on the body.

Bathing in water with a relatively high content of sea salt has a beneficial effect on the nervous system – partly due to the content of magnesium, bromine and other trace elements. Salt does not dry the skin, on the contrary, such baths help restore the water balance, as they prevent the evaporation of moisture.

They perfectly accelerate blood flow and drain, that is, they help to remove excess fluid from the intercellular space. Therefore, after bathing in salt water, you feel that the skin has become more elastic.

Such baths are useful for oily skin because they normalize sweating, problematic – because they help to cope with inflammatory processes and pathogenic microorganisms. Dry will be less peel and tighten, sensitive – blush less and itch.