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Baths with sea salt: how to “cook” them correctly

This spring canceled plans for a trip to the sea – it is still unknown whether it will be possible to at least once swim in salty waves to those who live far from the coast. But this is not a reason to refuse the benefits that such bathing gives. We tell you how to […]

10 qualities that will turn you into a loser

Who is a loser? For some, this is one who cannot find a job and a place in the world, for others the one who does not start a family. For the third – one who does not know how to earn money and cannot provide himself. Are there any common features of people who […]

Giselle Arryus-Revidi: “Like the one who felt his value”

We are far from equal in our ability to like other people. Why some of us are endowed with special charm, and the look does not stop at others? The opinion of a psychoanalyst. Interview with Giselle Arryus-Roididi Giselle Arryus-Roevidi (Gisèle Harrus-Révidi) is a psychoanalyst, the author of several popular books, one of the latter […]